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  • Brosha

    Brosha runs the apothecary and employes Scribben. His knowledge of herbs, potions, and charms runs deep and he has a flair for inlaying precious metals into objects mundane and magical. He’s a bit dusty and always looking for a better deal for himself.

  • Deanna Starra

    Owner and operator of Starra’s Knives, this women is completely fascinated with cutlery mundane and martial. As long as you don’t ask her where she’s from and pretend to like sharp pointy objects you’ll get along just fine with Deanna.

  • Calla

    Owner and proprietor of Loudwater General, a sort of Medieval Walmart. Calla runs the store with her foundling Raumander, a robust but utterly simple man who yet retains a wiff of something otherwordly. Calla is one of the few townsfolk Curuvan actually …

  • Garwan

    Owner of Garwan’s curiosities and father to Calla. Garwan is a wizened old dwarf stiff with age. He’s been around the block a few times but his adventuring days are long behind him. Now he owns the best source of magical and rare items in Loudwater, as …

  • Marsh Laval

    Barkeep and owner of the Green Tankard Inn, this talkative halfling is only happy when he’s serving beer and stories. Marsh has the unique ability to actually get Curuvar to cough up what he owes at the end of the night.

  • Megana Nistral

    Burly and fierce, this lady blacksmith is as broad as a dwarf. With an easy smile and hearty laugh she works metal all day without the slightest sign of fatigue. Megana is a bit of a terror for the taller men in Loudwater, being irresistibly drawn to …

  • Rifft

    Red skinned, with prominent and curling horns, this middle-aged tiefling commands one of the larger mercantile concerns in Loudwater. Her imposing and sinister appearance do not detract from her reputation for charity and the support of good works.

  • Scribben

    Scribben moved to Loudwater a few weeks ago and now work in Brosha's apothecary. He is known for having a sharp memory and his ability to inlay silver into just about anything. He is quite shy but has a solid circle of friends he meets with once a week.

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