City Official


I was born in an uneventful town called Glister, known largely for its harsh climate, placid waters, and frequent attacks by orcs. As an infant I quickly grew tired of this town and endeavored to move south to Phlan, known for its radiant pools. Unbeknownst to me, Phlan had been under the sway of one evil minion or another for years and had incurred the wrath of some so-called god named Bane that nobody has heard tell of in years. By the time I got there, the town had been destroyed many times. Apparently the records in Glister were around a century out of date. But I digress.

After some unfortunate events transpired, I found my way to Hillsfar where I drifted about for a couple of years using up my remaining savings. I did learn to ride a horse at about this time, since it seemed like a practical skill. I can’t say that I have done much with it. Also, the educational opportunities in Hillsfar are grossly overstated. Those Red Plumes make for lousy teachers. Digressing again. I was ultimately kicked out of Hillsfar with threat never to return due to my being 1/16th Elvish, never mind some of the other more “exotic” aspects of my heritage. It really doesn’t show, but apparently I should have known to hold my tongue in the hot beverage shops. I can’t say that I care, however. Hillsfar had terrible hot beverages.

So after that I found myself traveling north without any real money or the hope of making more. It was in the city of Yulash, which if I’m not mistaken is believed by some to be a living god (though I don’t believe such nonsense), that I encountered my first cursed object and discovered that I had a knack for removing curses. This got me noticed by a local scholar, who in turn directed me to Mr. Howe in Zhentil Keep, where I was gainfully employed for two years. I am now not, and hope that Loudwater is far enough away to avoid notice.


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