Loudwater Times

NRC - Roadtrip

Our intrepid adventurers, having successfully cleared the Deeandee family crypts were summoned to the mayor’s office. Here they were made an offer no gold-loving land-grubbing group can resist. In exchange for a little… maintenance, their group would be granted the noble titles of “Knight of the Bridge.” While there were certain, “responsibilities” attached to this grant, the really important part was that they would be granted the right to charge tolls across the bridge!

This sounded like a great opportunity and Kilshandra and Regnant were excited to go check out their new, “station in life.” As it turned out the bridge was just over a mile out of town, in the middle of the ruins of Old Loudwater, with a conspicuous piece missing from the center. Even worse, when Kilshandra climbed up to the top to survery the damage she knocked a piece of the bridge lose and fell down with it, headfirst, into the stone-filled river below. Regnant immediately jumped into the river in an attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately he was wearing heavy armor with his full compliment of weapons. They will both be sorely missed, though happily their replacements were quickly found in the form of Naivara Durethil and Ivan Dragofire.

With their new friends in tow, the Knights of the Bridge settled on Mithral Hall as a good place to find some dwarves to repair their bridge so that they could start raking in the dough. Possibly protecting a caravan in the process. Somewhere.

Getting to Mithral Hall wasn’t too hard, a little digging into the old geographic knowledge, some questioning of locals, jumping of pits, fording of streams… and before anyone knew it they arrived at the magnificent hidden gates of proud Mithral Hall. Forty feet tall and bedecked in mithral sculpture, topped by the glorious foaming mug standard of the Battlehammer clan.

Inside the party discovered three potential dwarven groups ready for hire and building. Having no ready source of cash to hire any of these, the fortitious discovery that the barrel gleaned in the previous adventure was in fact the fabled Draught Barrel of Breunor Battlehammer allowed the bargaining to come to a successful conclusion as a raptured priest of the Hall talked not one, but two building masters into helping the Knights.

Of course to repay the favor they had to kill some nasty Bainite-worshiping no-good-nicks, and a few piddly drow, but you can’t build a bridge without cracking some rotten eggs.

Along the way Naivara picked up an awe-inspiring Greatbow, Ajar found himself a sturdy but richly worked hammar, Craffmaster acquired a glorious cloak, and Brianor felt that perhaps his claw-gloves were yet more than they appear…



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