Loudwater Times

NRC - Community Service Pt. 1

No more bandits, left, what to kill now?

Get out of My Crypt, Rotten Kids!

Lord Deeandee’s family crypt is once-more overrun with an evil cult. He wants the bastards taught a lesson. A permanent lesson. The tomb is a two story place with four encounterable locations. The upstairs is clear when the Loudwater Mercenaries show up and has a small staircase leading downwards for access.

You enter the crypt using Lord Deeandee’s key, an ornate metal device emblazoned with the mark of his house. The crypt door swings silently on well oiled hinges revealing a clean and neat space with a hatch in the middle of it. The hatch opens to reveal stairs leading downwards. The room is somber and utilitarian with little in the way of ornamentation beyond the symbol of House Deeandee carved into the cardinal walls.

The midden heap in the middle of the dungeon holds dozens of skeleton and zombies which will mill out if the door is left open. Of course the mercs stumble into this room first and light it and all of its horrid contents on fire, safely closing the book on that adventure,

You open the door to find a horrible sight. A pit twenty feet is filled with the corpses of the recently, and by the smell of it, not as recently slain. Ichor and fluids drip from the walls of the pit. Your stomach tries to flee up through your mouth when you realize that the bodies are all moving…

Below there are four main rooms. The northernmost room has been converted to a barracks for the cultists and is mostly defended by the living.

You open a door revealing a neat crypt that has been converted into a sort of barracks with bunk beds and trunks neatly laid out in the room. The crypt niches are filled with ornate urns bearing the names of the hallowed Deeandee dead interned within. A number of shocked faces look back at you as a mob of cultists panic at the sight of a heavily armed warparty standing in the doorway blocking any escape.

The mercs managed to sneak up to the room and surprised everyone when they opened the door. Brianor charged in and unleashed a fearsome maelstrom of insectine death that wiped out most of the cultists before they even realized their danger. The remaining cultists were quickly dispatched, with their young mageling surrendering to the adventurers in mortal fear for her life. A youthful dalliance with the occult she only half understand had turned deadly serious. The dagron hired her as the Mercenary chef. Perhaps cooking spells might better suit her than raising the dead (Loudwater goths… sheesh).

The final location is the primary crypt and location where the prime cultists raises powerful undead to do his bidding – of course just what he’s doing when the mercs show up.

Upon opening the door you come into the Sanctum Sanctorum of the crypt where the most recent and most hallowed of the Deeandee dead come to rest. A vile sorcerer stands across the room from you enacting vile rituals to disturb the rest of the peaceful dead and bring them to vengeful life. With a snarl he points at you, “Villains and Marauders! Begone from here and disturb not our holy work!”

Except of course that Brianor had already snuck into the room and scouted. While the lead-Loudwater goth teenager had raised some fairly dangerous and insubstantial undead the party made quick work of them. Even the best efforts of the unholy tomb from which the youth had learned his trade was insufficient to save them from mighty adventurer justice.

So that’s where we left off, the party ransacked the dungeon and found some gold, grabbed the book and was heading back up the stairs when the door at the top opened revealing someone yelling, “I’m back, we’ve got the beer and pretzels!”



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