Welcome to the Loudwater Times!

Loudwater Times serves as the nexus of two mutually-aware Forgotten Realms campaigns sharing a single and still unsuspecting town: Loudwater. This town has known better times, being not even half the size it was before the Blue Fire , but with the adventures of not one, but two parties of hardy souls, I’m sure it will be deserted in no time!

What am I doing here?

If you’re one of my players, feel free to look around. I encourage you to fill in bits of your character description and work on the Wiki. If I haven’t posted a synopsis of your latest advanture feel free to start one (no duplicates please!) Comment up any adventure logs you were involved in too. I will maintain the site otherwise.

What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to have a bit of a touchstone for players. Session/Episode synopsis will appear here in brief and the Wiki will help you keep up with who/what/where/when.

So… is this game dead? Over?

Loudwater Times

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