Knights of the Bridge

Who are the Knights of the Bridge?

The Knights of the Bridge were formerly an elite squad of the Loudwater Mercenaries. They are led by a dragonborn, and have as members a seven-foot-tall man, a human, two elves, and a tiefling.

So far the Knights have accomplished the following:

  1. Defeated some bainites and drow
  2. Succesfully negotiated with dwarves, and even got a discount!
  3. Returned the fabled Bruenor’s Barrell to Mithral Hall
  4. Got knight, knightly-oath
  5. Emptied Lord Deeandee’s family crypt of a necromancer infestation
  6. Rescued a carnival from a curse
  7. Cleared the river of bandits
  8. Cleared the traderoad of bandits and werewolves
  9. Convinced a dragon to join them
  10. Captured a fort
  11. Cleared the town proper of organized crime
  12. Cleared the surrounding area of organized crime
  13. Killed a pile of goblinoids

Knights of the Bridge

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