City Hall

The City Hall is an over-sized baroque building that clearly once served a larger community. Most of the building now serves as storage for the Moonflower clan and several city concerns.

Several notable town institutions can be found at City Hall including the Court, the Office of the Assayer, the Mayor’s office, and the Hall of Records.

The Court consists of a large chamber with ample seating for 60 people as well as separated seating for the judge, the accused, and the accusers. A single legal expert serves as the judge and jury. The judge moonlights as a legal council advising on matters that will not appear in court.

The Office of the Assayer operates as the de facto taxation and tariff collection agency in Loudwater. Originally in charge of mining and logging operations in the local area, this Office subsumed its peers as Loudwater shrank. Currently two full time employees work in the office, Enebran is the public face of the office, while Sunsteen Urbeth is the official appointed Loudwater Assayer.

The Mayor’s Office consists of the Mayor, her secretary, and the Militia Captain. All other town officials answer to the Mayor’s Office.

The Hall of Records collects, maintains, and officiates town records including births, deaths, deeds, legal proceedings, and inheritances. The Hall of Records works closely with the Office of the Assayer and the Court.

City Hall

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