Loudwater Mercenaries

Local mercenary concern, closely tied to the mayor


Who are the Mystery Mercenaries?

A powerful and promising group of young fighters led by a grizzled war veteran, the Loudwater Mercenaries have become the strong right arm of the Mayor in her fight against brigands, bandits, and thieves. They have become well known in the town both for their battle prowess and the heft of their gold-pouches. The elite squad of the team is led by a dragonborn, and further has as its members a seven-foot-tall man, two elves, and a tiefling. This squad has since moved on to form the Knights of the Bridge.

So far the mercenaries have accomplished the following:

  1. Defeated some bainites and drow
  2. Succesfully negotiated with dwarves, and even got a discount!
  3. Returned the fabled Bruenor’s Barrell to Mithral Hall
  4. Got knight, knightly-oath
  5. Emptied Lord Deeandee’s family crypt of a necromancer infestation
  6. Rescued a carnival from a curse
  7. Cleared the river of bandits
  8. Cleared the traderoad of bandits and werewolves
  9. Convinced a dragon to join them
  10. Captured a fort
  11. Cleared the town proper of organized crime
  12. Cleared the surrounding area of organized crime
  13. Killed a pile of goblinoids

Loudwater Mercenaries

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