Apprentice to Father Griffon


Major – Healing, Streetwise, Herbalism

Minor – Nature[Roughing it], Headology/Insight, Local and Recent Geography and History


I was apprenticed to our village herbalist and midwife at the age of 9, which was a kindness, as my parents had passed away and little was left to me for the apprenticeship fee. Soon after my 12th year began, my poor Mistress Altea fell ill of a strange disease that even she could not treat, and soon wasted away. The village had no use for a half-trained healer, especially one trained by a woman who could not even heal herself. They were able to attract a healer from afar, who brought her own three daughters as apprentices and likewise had no need of me. With nothing but animosity left to me in the village of my birth, I packed what I could of my mistress’s store of herbs and took to the road.

However, I found little more welcome in any other village. Healers had no need of an overgrown apprentice used to another’s ways. Finally I came under the employ of a surgeon-barber, from whom I learned the setting of bones, the letting of blood, the removal of foul teeth (though I do not have the strength to perform this myself, I was called upon to assist and to calm the patients), and the making of foul-smelling potions which would cure no-one of anything. And more than I wanted to about the desires of dirty old men who would employ half-trained girls in such a role.

So it came that two years after leaving my home, I ran from him and came to this glorious City of Loudwater. When I first arrived, I had little luck of finding employment, and took menial work where I could, avoiding at all costs surgeon-barbers and other charlatans of little knowledge and flexible morality. However, I sought to improve myself as I could, and spent what time I can either in the forest collecting herbs, or in the Hall of Records at the Courthouse.

After joining the Zitharists, I found a position as an apprentice with Brother Griffon at the temple at the edge of town. Although I am not a divotee of Silvanus, he agreed to take me on and continue my training as a Healer. I reside at the temple and perform my duties there to the best of my abilities, but the rest of my time may be claimed by the Zitherists, without whom I may still be on the streets.


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