Loudwater Times

NRC - Carnival Now?

[VERY LATE adventure synopsis…] Having been told by their dwarven hirelings that Ankhegs were interfering with bridge-reconstruction, the Knights of Loudwater investigated, finding a dank and terrible Ankheg warren filled with the powerful vermin, controlled it seems by a dark force! Brianor was almost entombed in a wall, and there were a few close calls, but the party made it out okay with a clue:

A small statuette of Loudwater, glazed a brilliant fresh-blood red. Craffmaster hypothesized that this was part of a set of curse foci. A curse would certainly explain the ill fortune of Old Loudwater once the invaders had past!

Seeing no further angle to investigate, the party ventured to town, where the locals were busily preparing for the Carnival, to start in just a few short days. Here they discovered Brother Griffon was missing, and following a trail of odd attacks on outlying farm-holds, they are busily on the track of what appear to be werewolf attackers. Can they find the lair and save Brother Griffon?



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