Loudwater Times

NRC - Trade-Roads and Temples

Brawling and Bawling

Having loosened up with a little river-bandit brawling, the Loudwater Mercenaries took to land and returned to Loudwater via the trade road. Along the way they encountered a small trade caravan. At first all seemed well, until a dastardly bandit ambush forced the mercenaries into battle (I mean, they’re not going to negotiate are they??)

The bandits took a bit of a beating, but the real surprise was that both the mercenaries AND the bandits were there for dinner, as the caravan crew and some friends hidden in the forest revealed their lycanthropic natures and attacked. A vicious fight ensued, ending with the party bloody and battered.

Thankfully they weren’t done yet, for no sooner had they gotten on their way again than, lo, a halfling appeared on the road and sent them to an “interview.” In an extra-planar Temple of Orcus where a very surprised and displeased Orcuspriest had at them with his juggernaut zombie friend. It was a bit like baseball this time, since everyone kept getting struck out! Still our heroes won out in the end to receive fabulous treasure as their “sign on bonus.”



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